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At RWB Aquatic Academy, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly revamped learn to swim syllabus for both adults and children. We have listened to your feedback and have made significant improvements to our program, ensuring that your swimming journey is even more rewarding and fulfilling. Gone are the days of the Red, White, and Black levels as we introduced a fresh approach that breaks down each level into nine stages. This not only provides a more manageable framework for learning but also offers you the opportunity to achieve up to nine certificates in your chosen category. Whether you fall into the Sea Shell (2.5 years to 5 years), Sea Stars (6 to 12 years), or Adult (13 years plus) category, you will have the chance to achieve meaningful milestones and recognition on your swimming journey. Sea Babes (6 months to 2.5 years) still provides a solid three stage foundation for babies and toddlers.

In case you had concerns with registration, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to clear things up. (FAQS) Already a member? Click below to login to our Parent Portal.

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Individual or Group (3-5) Classes Available 



In case you had concerns with registration, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to clear things up.


I am new to rwb which class do I select?

If you are new member with no swimming experience, you should register for a stage one class for your age group



As an existing member, what is my new class?

Completed red level - stage four.

White level - stage seven sea shell black - sea star stage three please see our progression chart in our syllabus to see other options after black



I did not complete a level. I am unsure what stage to register.

the former red (1-3). White (4-6) and black(7-9) levels have been broken down into 3 stages each. Please enter one of the corresponding stage numbers and -we will adjust our class entry if you entered incorrectly



I am an existing member. Do you have to pay registration fee?

No. We are migrating to our new system so existing members are new to this system hence the automatic registration fee. However, we will remove this charge from your account.



How long does it take to finish stage?

Our coaches are advised to do continuous assessment and to progress participants as soon as they competently demonstrate a stage's skill. This can happen any time within a cycle. If you do more practice, you should progress at a faster rate



If I finish a stage before the end of a cycle do i have to pay again?

No, you do not. Your payment covers the entire cycle. If you successfully gain skills for three stages (for example) you will earn three certificates in that cycle.



Am I loyalty member?

Once you have participated in the last school term cycle you are considered a loyalty member. If you became a member during the holidays and sign up for this cycle, you are considered a loyalty member. If you miss a regular cycle, you are considered a returning member.



Any discounts for members of clx or central athletic gyms?

Gym members pay the loyalty price which is the lowest price available. They a;so pay no registration fees. RWB members get $50.00 off the gym monthly fee.



Why do i have to pay a registration fee?

This is the one-off fee to join RWB. For learn to swim and fitness classes we provide our members with equipment for use. Additionally, we will continue to provide specials to our valued members.

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