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  • Swim Caps MUST be worn by all pool users whese hair is longer than 3 inches or passes the nape of the neck.

  • Only Nylon and Spandex Swimwear allowed. No Cotton, Khald or Denim Material is permitted. No thong swimwear or jewelry are permitted. Underwear is not permitted in the pool

  • Parents MUST accompany their child in the Sea babes classes, and MAY accompany their child in the Sea Shells class

  • Please secure valuables in locker provided with your own padlock. Locks left would be disposed of by management after the end of every day. Management accepts no liability for losses incurred after locks are disposed of, and reserves the right to dispose of any itemsleft behind by facility users

  • All pool users MUST shower before entry, Additionally, The pool MUST not be used as a bathroom facility

  • Clients of the Swimming Pool Complex Official programmes are NOT permitted to make payments to any instructor or lifeguard. ALL payments must be made to the Office

  • Pool Users should get clearance from a medical doctor before enrolling in any programme 

  • Ladies, NO swimming during menstruating period is allowed with out internal protection

  • Patrons will not be able to swim unless an instructor/lifeguard is present

  • Persons showing evidence of any communicable skin disease including open sores, blisters or cuts, sore or inflamed eyes, cold, ear discharge or any other communicable disease should not enter the pool without written permission from a qualified medical professional. Please do not enter the pool if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or you have had any signs or symptoms of stomach disease in the previous seven days.

  • Children who are not toilet trained or children who are recently toilet trained MUST wear a swimming diaper that fit snuggly at the wastand legs with their bathing suit.

  • Refunds may be issued at the discretion of management. Persons who are unable to complete due to illness or personal emergency must inform management immediately. Classes may be deferred to anext month or cycle without penalty once management is informed prior to the start of classes. Informing after the start of the first class will result in a 20% administration fee, and a pro-rated credit based on the quantity of classes elapsed

  • Management reserves the right to combine classes as they see fit. Management may vary rules from time to time without notice. Company Officials will issue notices should there be changes to these rules. Management will strictly be enforcing these pool rules and reserves the right to deny access to the facility for violation of pool rules.



  • parents, guardians and class participants are asked to routinely check emails and notice boards at the facility. This is to view any cancellations of classes or pool closures. The cycle will be extended if necessary to cater for any cancellations.​

  • Please routinely check with instructors for feedback on your child's progress please like the Centre of excellence swimming pool complex page on facebook for more updates and promotions

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